Achieving and protecting a competitive advantage in the market place is the key to long term value creation for every company.
Layage Momentum is an independent M&A advisory boutique. Two main areas of focus are M&A and restructuring.
Layage is a French word which means stone carving - this symbolizes our ambition to strive for solid and long lasting results of our work.
We do take partnership position and expect to gain profits in return for added value to the business. The results are what counts the most. The best layout plans or the most creative ideas are important as long as they influence achievement of established goals. Only then we can call it a true success.
Strategic management, raising of capital, international expansion are only some areas where we can be of help. We specialize in value creation through business restructuring, reorganization and redeployment of resources – whenever new business approach is needed.
We believe that the old wisdom -
"if you don't create change, change will create you"
is mowadays more true than ever. We can help in creating that change so you can reserve for your company the market leader position in years to come.
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